The Your Life, Your Wealth Network Podcast

The Your Life, Your Wealth program starts with an interview of Jim Rickards; New York Times best-selling author and Chief Global Strategist of the West Shore Fund. Steve and Jim discuss the latest piece from Rickards’ Real Time Commentary titled: Back to the Future for the Fed. You can access that commentary HERE. Jim outlines the potential next move of the Federal Reserve, as they try to prevent secular stagnation, and what it means for you. Listen to Jim Rickards’ stand-alone interview by clicking HERE.

Next up, Joe Cortese, analyst at investment consulting giant DiMeo Schneider discusses the importance of asset allocation and diversified investment strategies for retirees looking to balance short-term volatility with long-term results. Joe provides excellent insight into the micro-side of the global financial markets. Listen to Joe Cortese’s stand-alone interview HERE.

Finally, Steve has a riveting interview with the Former Assistant Secretary for International Affairs at the Department of Economic Development and Commerce of Puerto Rico, Raul Vidal. Raul explains the recent phenomenon of businesses and retirees relocating to Puerto Rico for the purpose of facing more favorable tax treatment. Steve provides some insight into his experience with retired clients who have gone through the process of retiring in Florida, Puerto Rico, or internationally. Listen to Raul Vidal’s stand-alone interview HERE.

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