Trump’s Tax Return

Hillary’s Trumping Up Taxes: Hillary Clinton wants to increase the estate tax to 65%. It’s what everyone’s talking about, but how much will it actually help? Evan Powers of joined the show to break it down!

Could Russia Hack the Polls?: A study has found that Pennsylvania is the state most likely to have its voting booths hacked! Cyber Security expert Rob D’Ovidio spoke with Steve and broke down whether or not you should be afraid to go to the polls!

Campaign-Breaking Development?: Donald Trump’s massive tax break has been all over the news this week. Steve had Rick Newman of Yahoo Finance on the program to find out if there’s anything you can take away from Trump’s tax filings that can save you some money!

The Economy Class: Steve got into how Trump made a mistake with his businesses that led to his massive tax refund! Maybe it should never have been that bad!


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