Steve Cordasco is finally back ON-THE-AIR with his new program, “The Your Life, Your Wealth Network”

In this episode, Steve engages with live callers about the recently released plans for a government mandate of all businesses to provide a “forced” retirement system to their employees. Is this “forced” system a necessary adjustment in response to a broken 401k system, or is this just another instance of government overreach into the private lives of American citizens? You decide.

Along with the discussion of small business, Steve turns his sights to the coming presidential election and the candidates seemingly silent stance on policies that will benefit middle-America small business owners. Bringing in experts, Steve shares soundbites from his one-on-one interviews with world renowned businessman Steve Forbes and economist Art Laffer. Discover what they think presidential candidates Hillary Clinton, Donald Trump, Bernie Sanders and Ted Cruz should be saying to attract the support of small business owners across the country.

Finally, Steve shares more details about the new partnership with local Philadelphia radio station NewsTalk 990 WNPT, and how you can hear the show every Saturday morning at home or in the car.

Don’t miss the exciting new LIVE streaming program, “The Your Life, Your Wealth Network”!