Your Life, Your Wealth – Episode 79

First, Altan Wuliji, MS, CFP®, Investment Consultant from our investment team at DiMeo Schneider & Associates, and Steve will discuss the latest market insights! Find out what does better, bonds or stocks? What about [...]

Your Life, Your Wealth – Episode 78

Whealthcare Planning: Doctor turned financial advisor, Carolyn McClanahan, created the software tool “Whealthcare Planning” which we use here at Cordasco Financial Network. Carolyn McClanahan is the co-founder of Whealthcare Planning LLC and founder and [...]

Your Life, Your Wealth – Episode 52

The Myth of Millionaires The Myth of Millionaires: A record number of millionaires are popping up across the country. Does a million dollars mean you're rich? Steve looked into it! Advisor's Alpha: Chris Tidmore [...]