Your Life, Your Wealth – Episode 85

Veteran broadcaster Steve Cordasco was LIVE for drive time, last Wednesday (12/13) at 4pm on WNTP! Listen to this useful year-end content, special guests, and open phones! Topics included: Bitcoin for Baby Boomers- Does [...]

Your Life, Your Wealth – Episode 84

Lessons Learned from Bad Organizations: What can you learn from bad organizations? Find out what former CIA director John Brennan observed during his decade long battle against terror networks. Steve and Leah Mele from [...]

Your Life, Your Wealth – Episode 83

Technology Terrors: Why did Steve Jobs and Bill Gates limit screen time for their children while they grew up? Are the ways we educate children on technology and the world of money wrong? Find [...]

Your Life, Your Wealth – Episode 82

Retirement Coach: First, Steve will talk to Yosaif August, certified Life Coach who helps Baby Boomers in Philadelphia who are retired rediscover their purpose! Major Tax Recap: Next, Steve will discuss the major tax [...]

Your Life, Your Wealth – Episode 81

Retirement Boost or Bust? A Nobel Prize was awarded to Economist Richard Thaler, who created an automatic 401k enrollment program that has saved retiree’s billions. Steve is skeptical whether this is really good for [...]

Your Life, Your Wealth – Episode 80

Trump’s Tax Proposal: Given the recent media attention on President Trump’s Tax Proposal, tune in to hear Steve’s take on the proposal. What is in the proposal? What does it mean to you? What [...]

Your Life, Your Wealth – Episode 47

The Trump Effect? Shore-ly! Taxes Decoded pt. 2: Steve continued the dive into President Trump's tax plan! He explored the President's mindset on the border tax, how it will balance things for the country, and what [...]