The “Best Of” The Your Life, Your Wealth Program

The Your Life, Your Wealth program may be new, but that hasn’t stopped Steve Cordasco from bringing you some of the most interesting and educational guests and topics for your financial life.

In this episode, we recall the “best of” the Your Life, Your Wealth program.

First up, Hugh Hewitt (@hughhewitt) joins Steve from the prestigious Union League to discuss the Donald Trump, the November election and how Bill Clinton may be brought in as the new “Economy Czar”.

Next, is a stock market crash imminent? Yale Professor Will Goetzmann joins the program to discuss the possibility of a crash and how you can prepare your portfolio for it.

We all mourned the passing of Prince, but the estate planning failures are also tragic. Danielle Mayoras (@daniellemayoras) from “Trial & Heirs” joins the program to discuss how you can make sure your final affairs are in order.

Finally, Steve shares a recent piece he was featured in from USA Today, helping provide retirement planning strategies specific to those individuals who are facing their retirement as “singles”. You can read the article by clicking here.

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