Transitioning to Retirement & The Emotional Impact of Investing Mistakes

This week, we have a jam-packed show for you!

The Fiduciary, Stranded: The new fiduciary rules are on hold due to impending lawsuits. Steve will bring Mark Schoeff Jr. (@markschoeff) of Investment News onto the program to find out who’s opposing the rule and explain why it’s a disservice to American investors everywhere.

Transitions and Cash Flow: Steve will give you his take on how to navigate transitioning towards retirement while maintaining financial security. The answer is simpler than you think.

Fudging the Rules: Steve Wendel (@sawendel), head behavioral scientist at Morningstar, joins the program! He believes that everyone cheats themselves out of money–even with a great plan in place! Is that possible? Steve’s on the case!

Brexit Breakdown: Steve will have Joe Cortese of DiMeo Schneider & Associates on the program to discuss England’s looming EU vote. Why are American investors so concerned? That and more ahead!

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