Matchmakers, The “Gig Economy” and Microsoft’s “Connection” With Linkedin

Welcome to the program! Steve has a wonderful show for you this week.

Matchmaker, Matchmaker: Whether you know the term or not, Matchmakers continue to play a bigger role in our lives. Author Richard Schmalensee will join Steve to explain what a matchmaker is, how stable they are as investments, and their seemingly limitless potential.

Working for Yourself is…a Bad Thing?: Steve Tobak of Forbes and Fox Business will join the show to discuss how the growing “gig economy” has impacted the nation. Also, why is the number of contractors growing and who is responsible? We’ll have the answers soon!

Microsoft is Buying Into LinkedIn, You Should Too!: Wayne Breitbarth, author of The Power Formula for LinkedIn Success, joins the show! Steve will find out how you can improve your profile, how to handle connection requests from strangers, and other important questions!

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