Brexit Breakdown

This week on the “Your Life, Your Wealth” Network, Steve Cordasco brings you the latest insights on what’s happening in the world of personal finance, politics, and current events that matter to you. Here’s what’s in-store for the downloadable podcast:

UK, OK?: Steve was joined by author and economist Jim Rickards to discuss the economic impact of Brexit. Is the worst over? Is the American dollar holding up? How will the Fed respond? Steve get’s the answers!

Retirement Rates Revisited: Bill Bengen, independent researcher and contributor to Financial Adviser Magazine, joined the program to discuss the retirements of previous generations. Are retirements today more secure than those in the past? How are those who retired in 2000 and 2008 fairing? Stay tuned!

Movers and Shakers: Steve broke down some of the major player’s thoughts on Brexit. He also explained why remembering the pain of Brexit is important for your wallet and more!

Summer Vacation Blues: Plenty of people make a big, COSTLY mistake when it comes to paying for summer vacations. Don’t be a victim. Details ahead!

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