Bond Market Yields at All-Time Lows

This week on the “Your Life, Your Wealth” Network, Steve Cordasco brings you the latest insights on what’s happening in the world of personal finance, politics, and current events that matter to you. Here’s what’s in-store in the downloadable podcast:

The “Write” Choice: Presidential candidate Laurence Kotlikoff joined the show to discuss why social security is broken, how to fix it, and why he deserves your vote in 2016!

Broken Bonds: Michael Shamosh of the West Shore Fund explains why global bond yields are trending at all time lows, and what it means for your portfolio.

HC, AC, and the GOP: Brent Johnson of joined the show to talk about Hillary Clinton’s speech in Atlantic City. How did she attack Trump? Did she address the e-mails? He also gave insight into VP candidates Cory Booker (D) and Chris Christie (R).

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