Democratic National Convention in Philadelphia

This week on the “Your Life, Your Wealth” Network, Steve Cordasco brought you the latest insights on what’s happening in the world of personal finance, politics, and current events that matter to you. Here’s what’s in-store in the downloadable podcast:

Labor Love: Attorney Rick Grimaldi joined the show to discuss the relationship between the Democrats and labor. What is the TPP and why do they find it so important? How could union rules change under Hillary Clinton? All that and more ahead!

Faithful Feeling Berned: Bernie Sanders’ speech was an important moment for the DNC. It also showed Steve that Bernie is a fraud. He explains why AND gives his take on Michelle Obama’s controversial speech.

A New Bill?: Leon Lazaroff, deputy managing editor of, joined Steve to discuss Hillary Clinton’s economic policy. What are her stances on minimum wage? Will she regulate Wall Street? Would this be Bill Clinton’s presidency all over again? Steve got the answers!

Pokemon? NO!: Pokemon GO has become a national sensation, but investors in the game made a grave mistake. Steve explained what that mistake was and tells you how to avoid it!

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