Trumps “Crash” Comments, Bernie’s Visit to Philadelphia and “The New Case for Gold” by Jim Rickards

Donald Trump is in the news again. This time with a recent comment about the stock market’s coming crash. Steve shares his insights into the markets, as well as the process used at Cordasco Financial Network to help investors understand their risk and position their portfolios accordingly.

On a local topic, Steve addresses the recent Philadelphia visits of Bernie Sanders and Hillary Clinton. Steve recently penned a post for the Philadelphia Business Journal Titled, “The Wall Between Presidential Candidates and Small Business” where he diagnosed this issue in depth. You can get that article by clicking HERE. Steve then shares a personal story about taking his son to Temple University to see Bernie Sanders in person, and speaks with Jason Mardinly–an adjunct professor at Temple about the on campus feeling of Bernie’s visit.

Jim Rickards joins the show next, sharing the latest insights on gold from his new book, “The New Case For Gold”. Steve and Jim discuss the recent run-up in the price of gold and the appropriate allocation of gold for the everyday investor’s portfolio.

Steve concludes the show with a few final points about the recent Department of Labor financial industry ruling and corporate stock buybacks that are flooding the investment markets.

Enjoy the show!

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