What Does the New Fiduciary Rule Mean to You, and Is the Fix In for This Election?

Steve starts off the program with an excellent interview of an expert journalist, Mark Schoeff, Jr. Mark covers capitol hill and regulatory matters from Inside the Beltway for InvestmentNews, and has the latest take on the Department of Labor’s new fiduciary ruling, as well as the potential collateral damage it may cause. You can learn more about Mark by visiting InvestmentNews or following him on Twitter @MarkSchoeff.

Is the fix in? Steve sheds light on the unusual recent White House meeting of Fed Chairwoman Janet Yellen along with President Obama and Vice President Biden. What could they possibly be discussing? The coming November presidential election? The looming bankruptcy of our nation’s largest coal company? Maybe the President’s recent plans to forgive $8 Billion in student loan debt from 400,000 borrowers?

Speaking of student loan forgiveness, are we approaching a potential student debt crisis? Steve highlights the details of President Obama’s loan forgiveness plan and shares his opinion on a possible solution for keeping education costs low and better preparing students for college.

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