Are 401K’s going away? What does the US/Saudi fray mean for your investments? Is there a lesson to learn from Kobe, Connor & Van Halen?

Christian Weller is on the show for a fiery debate about the future of 401k’s. Are 401k plans being replaced by government mandated savings plans? Christian Weller (@Prof_CEW) provides his policy focused insights while Steve Cordasco discusses the subject from a economics and small business owner point of view. You don’t want to miss this guest.

Next up, Steve brings on Jim Rickards (@jamesgrickards) to discuss the recent reports of the fraying relationship between the US and Saudi Arabia. What does the recent President Obama meeting mean for your investment portfolio? Listen in to Steve and Jim’s insights on the future of the global investment markets.

Finally, what can NBA star Kobe Bryant, MMA fighter Connor McGregor and rock band Van Halen teach you about retirement planning? Steve shares some interesting stories and expert advice that may make you think twice about the next steps of your retirement plan. You’re going to love this segment.

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