The Keys to Real Retirement Happiness – Your Life Your Wealth – Episode 182

The Keys to Real Retirement Happiness My guest Michael Finke, Chief Academic Officer at the American College of Financial Services, has been researching the elements of true retirement happiness for years. His findings indicate that there are three strong predictors, the [...]

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The Money Side of Wealth – Your Life Your Wealth – Episode 157

The Money Side of Wealth I discuss how wealth comes in many forms and means different things to different people. I then talk about the various professions within the world of money management to help [...]

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Your Life Your Wealth Radio Show – June 2, 2018 (Episode 109)


Your Life Your Wealth Radio Show – May 26, 2018 (Episode 108)

THE RETIREMENT CRISIS Can the federal government really provide a fix?

Your Life Your Wealth Radio Show – May 19, 2018 (Episode 107)

BOND MARKET PERSPECTIVES Bonds are traditionally viewed as a stable investment, but they are now showing some signs of volatility. Steve talks with a member of the CFN investment team as they discuss the role bonds play within a diversified investment portfolio.

Your Life Your Wealth Radio Show – May 12, 2018 (Episode 106)

SPEND, BUT HAVE A PLAN Chris Gibbons, of the Cordasco Financial Network team, joins Steve. They talk about the fear of over-spending in retirement and the importance of uncovering spending priorities as you plan for those post-working years.

Your Life Your Wealth Radio Show – May 5, 2018 (Episode 105)

WARREN BUFFET - INVESTMENT OR SPECULATION One of America’s best known and most successful investors has a definitive opinion that may surprise you. With Warren Buffet’s track record of success, many investors are listening carefully to what he has to say. Find out what he considers an investment and what he considers speculation?

Your Life Your Wealth Radio Show – April 28, 2018 (Episode 104)

Steve discusses the fear of going broke in retirement. It impacts many, including those who have significant retirement savings. Concern about over-spending can keep some retirees from enjoying the assets they have accumulated throughout their working life. Steve discusses how good planning and the development of careful spending habits can alleviate this common fear and help retirees live their best life.

Your Life Your Wealth Radio Show – April 21, 2018 (Episode 103)

How much do you want the federal government involved in your retirement savings? Steve discusses a recent survey showing how the majority of people want to either keep individual control of their retirement savings, or save for retirement through an employer sponsored plan. He details the reasons government involvement should be limited to social security.

Your Life Your Wealth Radio Show – April 12, 2018 (Episode 102)

Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg testified in front of Congress this week about his company's controversial handling of personal data. Steve talks with Anthony Mongeluzo, President of PCS, a managed IT service provider for an extended two-segment discussion about cybersecurity, including the security of online personal financial data.

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