What Prince’s Death Can Teach You About Estate Planning & Are Your Stock Market Fears Warranted?

Steve brings you another action-packed episode this week!

We all heard about the tragic recent passing of music icon Prince, but what may be equally tragic is the possibility that his entire multi-million dollar estate may be distributed according to the laws of the state of Minnesota, instead of the final wishes of Prince himself. Steve discusses the actions you should be taking in your estate planning process with experts Danielle Mayoras from Trial & Heirs and Stephanie Sanderson-Braem from Stradley Ronon in Cherry Hill, NJ. Don’t miss these timely insights!

Up next is William Goetzmann, Director of International Finance at the Yale School of Management. He recently completed an academic study which asks the question, “Are fears of impending stock market crashes really warranted?” Steve and Professor Goetzmann discuss this topic, and help shed some light on steps you can take to protect yourself and your investment portfolio.

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