First up, Steve is still basking in the glory of the Eagles Super Bowl win as he discusses the risk-reward scenario played out during the game, and during the career of Eagles quarterback Nick Foles. You’ll hear clips of a recent Nick Foles TV interview as Steve directly relates the ups and downs of Foles career with the often turbulent seas of investing for retirement. There’s the potential of adversity in everything we do, it’s how we react that makes the difference.

Next, Steve talks about how writers, reporters, and anchors the news media are still largely preoccupied with negative financial news. Often their take is politically motivated. Steve takes a broader and more reasoned view that helps put things in perspective.

Then, Steve is joined by CFN’s investment team at DiMeo Schneider & Associates. They discuss how the market numbers of the last few weeks likely impacted your portfolio. They also talk about how the fundamentals of our economy are sound and why it’s important to keep fears and anxieties in check.

And finally, Steve talks more about how to determine what Your Best Life actually is. He offers encouragement for the underdog. With a good plan, even the underdog can come out a winner.

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